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About us

MLD SAS, It is a Colombian company, based in the city of Medellin, created 19 years ago and since then it has managed to remain in the national market making excellent relationships with suppliers and customers, we are dedicated to the design, marketing and distribution of plastic products, We offer specialized advice to all our clients. MDL SAS our portfolio of products and services are: Security Seals lines, Design line, Injection line and Finished Plastic Products line.

MLD SAS has developed in the Security Seal line several references adjusted to the use that different industries have today, this line is what has given recognition to our organization in the plastic sector, likewise, we offer our Eco-Path product, a product that is being applied to exterior floors and landscaping, thus reinforcing our commitment to caring for the environment.

Value proposal

We create added value to our clients in the innovation and quality of our products, generating long-term relationships with clients and suppliers, with the accompaniment and advice of a highly trained team, offering confidence and tranquility to our clients throughout their distribution chain, control and management of your inventory.


MLD SAS Designs, Produces and Commercializes plastic products that guarantee the satisfaction of the needs of the clients using high technology to meet the technical and quality requirements required, using the best Human Talent and generating sustained growth for the company


MLD SAS will be in the year 2027 a company recognized in the Colombian market for delivering development solutions for molds and plastic products with a high commitment to quality, innovation, efficient production and harmony with the environment.

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